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In today's fast paced economy, there are several careers to choose from. I can recall when I was little, wanting to become a police officer. Over the years, I have grown to realize the dangers of joining that field of work. Here at Bowie State, I have instead decided to enroll in the school of business to keep my options for the future open. There are several different forms of business studies. The one aspect of the business field I am leaning toward is management and administration.

To accompany basic business courses, there are several other courses you must take to become aware of all needed tactics of operating a successful business. You must of course take management courses, which teach you the types of businesses out there, among how to ensure smooth operation to earn a profit. Another course beneficial to business studies is accounting. Accounting is necessary to the business nature because it gives training on how to keep record of all accounts that a business may have, which also helps in accounting for profit as well.

During my junior and senior year in high school, I took both a business management and accounting course. I must say, the courses were beneficial, teaching me more about business than I knew prior to taking the courses.

My reasoning for studying business in my years at college is of course to someday open a business of my own. The major of business management and administration, sets the guidelines necessary to operate a business, which I have hopes of doing in the near future. Another good thing I see in being a business major, is that if my plan of becoming a business owner fails, I am still qualified to manage a business that is not my own.

Being a...