Civil War

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The Civil War was the culmination of four decades of intense sectional conflict

of social and political difference between the North and the South. Slavery played a big part in the cause of the civi war, north not believing in slavery and the south slavery was praised. Slaves was the largest single investment in the south, the labor in the south including nearly four million enslaved blacks. 'The Civil War stands not only as a steppingstone to the lighting war - blitzkrieg- of 1939 to 1945. Politically a civil war, militarily it was actually a conflict between two hostile nations- two peoples divided by an unbeatable difference of opinion on the right of secession.'

The question whether slavery should be permitted enter the territories was an big issue in American politics. The slavery issue was first arisen in 1819 when Missouri applied for admission as a state that allowed slavery, there would be a problem.

The slavery issue was never resolved for years, but criticism of slavery hung around for years. The northern began to say that slavery should be abolished or faded out during a period of time.

As the issue deepened , three proposals to solve the situation were advanced. Most southern contended that slaveholders had a constitutional right to take their property into recently acquired territory. The most confirmed antislavery northern held that congress had a constitutional power and a moral duty to exclude the institution from the new territory or from any other territory. They believed that if slavery was prevented from expanding , it would die by nature.

Another answer to the question on the new territory was POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY , which meant that slaveholders should be allowed to decide whether or not if they want slavery in the state. The issue of slavery should...