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Cindy Sherman is among one of the most respected and widely known non-traditional photographer/artist, and film director. She was born in New Jersey and was raised in New York. She graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1976; She received a Bachelor of Arts in photography.

Cindy is most famous for her Untitled Film Stills, which is now a permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art. Untitled Film Stills is a series of sixty-nine photographs that give the impression of being film clips. In this collection, she has disguised and then photographed herself.

She began work on Untitled Film Stills in 1977. This work deals with women's issues; representing stereotypes, feminism, and oppression. The sixty-nine works depicting, women as homemaker, prostitute, sex symbol, secretary or working girl, a society women with a, I am mightier-than-though stare, and many other stereotypes that give an equally negative impression.

Until 1986, Cindy only did portraitures of women, using herself as the protagonist. In her earliest works, she never used men as her subject, or disguised herself as a man. Her subject matters were based on the pathological victimization of women, their issues, and sexism in media representation. She used films from between 1940 through 1960 in order to design a setting and clad herself in the dress style of the era she used. Her photography then was totally in black and white.

In the 1980's, as she started working in color, her photography was full of morbidity, terror and mockery. From 1988 - 1990, she worked on her second most famous series History Portraits. "Throughout this large series of color photographs, Sherman dressed herself in the guise of seemingly famous portrait paintings." A great number of the\photographs of this second series

Cindy Sherman has built...