"A Child Called 'It'" by David Pelzer.

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"A Child Called 'It'"

My essay is on the book called, "A Child Called 'It.'" This novel is about one of the inferior cases of child abuse in the state of California. The author of this novel, David Pelzer, provides a detailed outline of his terrible life, growing up the son of an alcoholic mother, and a father who hides from his hell, which is also known as his wife.

The themes of this novel are control and faith. These two topics can both clash greatly but they can also interact very much, as you will soon discover. In some cases, you can lead with control and from that controlling lead gain faith like in this story.

In the beginning of the novel David's mother is a fantastic mom and wife. David talked about how she used to give him hugs and kisses and do things around the house like every loving mother does.

Then he discusses about times when his father would take far away jobs and his mother would develop a drinking problem while he was gone on these business trips. This was also when she became a control freak.

David's mother developed a controlling personality with everyone at first. For an entire month she went on acting childish. The she decided just to pick on David. She made David do some extremely unpleasant things. When he couldn't scrub the floors tough enough she would make him drink the cleaner that he was scrubbing the floors with. I remember a particular scene: She made David eat whatever was left over after dinner because she didn't want to cook him a plate. All he could eat was a dinner roll off his brother's plate, so he was still extremely hungry. The next day, in school, he stole...