Charchter analysis of Rosa Morgan, from 'Welcome to the real world' by Ann Coburn.

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Rosa Morgan is 14 years old. Her parents are teachers and they (especially her mother) have high expectations of her academic ability. She attends Seaton College and at the start of the novel she has been caught stealing a photograph of the popular boy that she secretly has a crush on, Jason. As a consequence Andrew Greenwood blackmails her. The story develops the theme of blackmail and bullying as Rosa learns that four other people are subjected to the same torment that she receives, including Jason. Rosa and the others form a group to retaliate and to beat the bully, nicknamed D-cup. During the novel we see important changes in Rosa's character through her relationships.

At the start of the novel other people see Rosa as a girl who knows exactly what she wants from life and exactly how she is going to get. She has a white streak in her that she got because of an accident when she was younger and she has two nicknames that she is not proud of, Red Rosa and Bird mess.

She is an intellectual who is lacking one important thing: Supportive friends. The friends that she does have however have seen a great change in her since primary school, when she was more carefree and less bothered about what people thought of her. As a direct result of her change in personality Rosa has seen some of her good primary school friends stray from her side. As soon as blackmailing starts Rosa and the others are subjected to mental and physical bullying by D-cup. They each have a secret which in order to beat D-cup they have to reveal to one and other. When it comes to Rosa's turn to tell the group she lies to everyone simply because she cannot face...