Changing Perspective on Looking For Alibrandi.

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Changing Perspective is to transform ones view of something or someone and is a continuous process throughout life. This can be seen in the core text "Looking for Alibrandi" through the characters Josie and Jacob. This isn't shown by John, as he doesn't change his perspective. The related material "Dead Poets Society" and "the Door" also shows the change and no change of perspective.

Josie in Looking for Alibrandi changes her perspective of her Father, Nonna and culture. Josie didn't want to meet her father, but when she first met him it all changed. Then she started getting to know him better and their relationship got closer. "But I love Michael Andretti more and more everyday. I love him double to what I did maybe a month ago yet I see his faults now too." When Josie learns more about her Nonna and her past she sees that Nonna had a tough life.

Josie doesn't hate her Nonna any more she starts to like her. Josie said Nonna "hadn't lived life the way she thought. She hadn't stuck to rules and regulations." Tomato day and John's Death changed Josie's view of her culture. She thought being Italian was embarrassing and she hated it, but after the two events she starts to see that "you can't hate what you are part of" Josie changes her view of these things as she grows older, this is why changing perspectives is continuous.

Jacob in Looking for Alibrandi changes his view of his life. Jacob was secure and knew what he wanted to do with his life. When Jacob starts going out with Josie, she opens up his mind and makes him step outside his circle. Jacob says to Josie "since I met you it's got to me. I'm aware...