Buffalo The Great Animal Of The Plains.

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Buffalo The Great Animal Of The Plains

Buffalos or bison are one of the beasts that used to freely roam the Wild West. They are one of the strongest and most powerful animals in North America. Millions once roamed the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Today they're far fewer and less common. Most buffaloes live in national parks and protected areas.

What Do Buffaloes Look Like?

Buffaloes are very large animals that sort of resemble a bull. They have a big hump on their back close to their shoulders. Buffaloes have large heads to fit their body. Male buffaloes are called bulls and females are called cows. A male's head appears much larger because of its long beard. An adult male Buffalo averages 11½ feet in length and stands about six feet tall from ground to hump. While females average a little smaller these very large creatures weigh around 2,000 pounds.

Changing With The Seasons

Buffalo go through several physical changes throughout the year. Their activities also change with the seasons. Buffalo fur is mostly dark brown with black patches; it is very thick and warm. To help during the cold nights in places like Wyoming where it can get to 40°F below zero. But when spring comes and it becomes warmer the buffaloes shed their thick coats. In the summer insects and fleas bother the buffalo to get rid of them, buffalo wallow- roll around in the dust and mud to smother the biting insects. In the fall the buffalo prepare for cold prairie winters. It summer coat turns dark and thick while the first layer is wooly to hold in the warmth.

In the 1700s, buffalo traveled in herds of thousands across the plains. In the late fall and winter the bison separate into smaller groups. The...