The book of Exodus.

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Book of Exodous

In Exodous, God gives the Ten Commandments to his people. These Ten Commandments is yet another indicator of God's personality and his attitudes. He does not want people to follow and see him as an object like many great worriers who are strong and has good fighting skills like Achilles in the Iliad. Also, God demands to be set apart from and held supreme over other Gods (If other Gods exist). He is very strict, and he does not want any one to believe in any other God besides him. He wants everyone to do what he expects him or her to do with no questions asked. Some people may say that God still treats Israelites like slaves even though he sends Moses to free Israel. "I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery" (Exodous 20:2).

People can see that God reminds the people of his greatness and their indebtedness toward him even though they went from one master to another.

In the book of Exodous, God gets extremely angry when he sees Israelites prey to another form of God. When people see the Ten Commandment, they can realize that God's most importance was to make sure that his chosen people would not believe in another form of God (Exodous 20). It was more important than murdering people or stealing other's possession. Israelites learned from their mistakes that God is loving, forgiving and patient, but not in this case. I believe when people learn new things, making mistakes is unavoidable. However, people learn from their previous mistakes, and they can improve themselves, too.

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