"The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath

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The book starts with the setting in New York as the main character is pondering the

execution of the Rosenbergs. Esther the main character is in New York because of

contest held by a fashion magazine. While in New York Esther tells about her life by the encounters she's had. She is a college student and is in the honors courses. The whole trip to New York had messed up Esters way of thinking. For example before she went to New York she had planed to finish college and become a poet or English professor, but now she had no idea.

When Esther returned home she became very depressed. She wanted to disregard the whole New York experience by taking a exclusive summer writing course. Only the best of the best writers had been able to be excepted to this class and Esther was sure she had made it until her mother had told her she was not accepted.

This was what pushed Esther over the edge. She became more and more obsessed about how she would kill herself and planed it out carefully. When the time came she just couldn't do it. So she began to preoccupied herself by thinking of other ways of death. She couldn't sleep or read this bothered her because she loved to read. Finally she went to see a doctor who gave her shock treatments. This made Esther even worse an so she slipped even deeper into her depressed state. She knew the bell jar was almost completely apon her and there was nothing she could do to prevent the suffocation of her own life. She knew there was something very wrong and neither her family or herself had no idea how to help prevent this and it made her wish for death. Finally...