"Beauty and the Beast".

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"Beauty and the Beast"

My essay is on the movie called, "Beauty and the Beast." This story is about a beast that falls in love with a young girl ready to give her own life for her father. It is filled with romance and aggression. It connects ugliness and beauty. This story states that even the most ugly have beauty deep in their hearts, and even the prettiest can find that beauty and love them.

The themes of this story are love and hate. To love is to have a great affection for, while to hate is to have abhorrence for. Our world is full of much love and hate. Some of us have love for a lot of things, and some have hate for a lot of things. The only difference between this story and the world is that the world has more hate than the story, "Beauty and the Beast."

In the beginning of the movie, Beast has a lot of hate for everyone. The very beginning starts when an old widow comes to his front door with a rose in exchange for money; and when he tells her to go away she sheds her disguise and shows him that she is really an angel. She turns him into a beast either until the rose she came with loses its petals. If Beast finds true love before the last petal falls off the rose, then he will return to his human form.

Beast captures Belle, the young girl, and her father. He puts her father in a cellar and locks her in a bedroom. There is really no reason for him to hate them so much, but he's so angry inside that he doesn't care what anyone thinks of his personality. He...