How Bad Television is for a person.

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Con Television

Television is one of the most profound inventions of the twentieth century, yet I feel it is one of the most notorious inventions ever. Television is a very useful invention when it comes to certain events but watching television extensively can lead to many problems. The problems that television has is that it is extremely bad for your health, can have a negative effect on your social life, and it corrupts whoever is watching.

Believe it or not, hours of television are hazardous to your health. I learned from a wonderful book called, "What they don't want you to know about television" written by an orthodox Rabbi who says, "If a person is a T.V. addict, one who sits down for at least 5 or more hours a day in front a T.V., may very well be obese. The reason he gives for this is that there were many tests that resulted in a decreases of the metabolism from sitting in front of a television.

They tested a child metabolism laying down on a sofa looking at the ceiling with a child sitting in front of a television and resulted that the kid's metabolism who was sitting in front of the television was slower than that of the kid's who was laying down staring at the ceiling. They stated that television causes the body to fall into a relaxed "doing nothing" state, which causes the metabolism to slow down. By having the metabolism to slow down, this causes the digestion rate to slow down and might cause obesity. Furthermore, when a person sits down to watch television he or she may tend to snack on foods. The foods usually aren't healthy; they for example, are chips sodas and other high carbonate and fatty foods. Many times when my...