Aromatherapy as an alternative medicine-an in depth look at aromatherapy and pregnancy.

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Aromatherapy can help with pregnancy from the moment you decide you want to have a baby right through to those tiring early days with a newborn baby. This guide takes you through each stage of the pregnancy, outlining what Essential Oils to use, how to use them, and why. Pre-conceptual careThe health and well being of both mother and father in the three months prior to conception are now regarded as very important. Essential Oils very effective for reducing stress and promoting good health but they are now also believed to be influential in regulating hormone cycles and balancing any fluctuations. The following oils are excellent for a whole range of requirements. Use one or combine several together for a wider effect. Bergamot - a very calming and not too floral scent that is often appreciated by men as well as women. Green Mandarin - gently uplifting and energising. Geranium or Rose Absolute - excellent for balancing the hormones as well as the emotions.

If you are recovering from trauma (including miscarriage or serious career pressure) then invest in Rose Absolute but if your cycle is normal or near normal then Geranium is perfectly suitable, and much cheaper. Sandalwood - a favourite choice for blending with almost any other oil for the ultimate in relaxation. Sandalwood can have a similar effect on the mind as alcohol, so if you are trying to cut down on alcohol as part of your pre-conceptual care then this is an excellent oil to try as a safer alternative. NB. Sandalwood is precious oil that is frequently synthetically copied. A true essential oil of sandalwood is very thick and viscous. If yours runs freely from the bottle then it has been "cut" i.e. diluted or it is a synthetic copy. In either case it will...