The architectural treasures in Buffalo, NY. Richard Upjohn and his design styles.

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Buffalo has been graced with many architectural landmarks in its long history. Many of which were designed by leading architects of the time and still impress those who take the time to view and enjoy them. These architectural monuments stand as a symbol of the greatness which Buffalo once possessed. It can be said, backed by the historical president set in Europe, that the greatest of these structures is a religious, mainly Catholic, monument. One of the most prominent being the Richard Upjohn masterpiece, St. Paul's Cathedral, which was completed in 1851 after two years of construction. Keeping with the tradition of the great European churches, along with Richard Upjohn's stylistic preference, St. Paul's Cathedral is highly neo-gothic. The Cathedral is still one of Buffalo's most impressive structures, which is an impressive feet when taking into account that it was constructed over 150 years ago. This building's greatness is furthered by the fact that Buffalo sharply declined in the past century therefor it is not overshadowed by many massive skyscrapers or modernist structures.

Buffalo in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was a booming economic powerhouse. The Erie Canal led to Buffalo becoming the leading grain transportation site in the world. Money flowed into Buffalo as each grain ship loaded and unloaded its cargo. This made Buffalo a very rich city in need of architectural means to express its powerful position. The massive grain transportation industry led to the development of grain elevators and an expanded harbor system. However, the architectural monuments did not end there. With the abundance of currency that Buffalonians possessed we commissioned great building to be placed in this fair city. The Larking Corporation brought America's greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, here to design its massive corporate complex and houses for the executives. The...