Analytical Response to a Visual Image.

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Analytical Response to a Visual Image

As I was scanning through Adbusters, I found one page with a captivating picture. This picture was flooded with text that appealed to me. Superimposed on this page was a drawing of a human body and setting on the shoulders was a television for a head. Where the mouth and nose should appear was the caption "A wasted life" appearing within the T.V. screen. Around the drawing are two emails from Adbuster's readers and a short article explaining how actors are cutting back on their children's T.V. viewing. Let me state, I don't believe that by simply watching T.V. we are destroying and neglecting our lives like the message that Adbusters displays to the reader. I do believe that prolonged exposure to T.V. and it's messages can be somewhat damaging and indeed lead to a wasted life.

This visual is attempting to tell me that once T.V.

integrates itself into my life it will extinguish it and turn me into some kind of mindless, no life zombie. Also, it is implied, that what I watch controls what I perceive as truth; and, what is displayed tells me how to spend my money. Since the image shows a T.V. for a head, this depicts that television is my mind and controls my thoughts and keeps me coming back for more on a constant basis. Thus by watching TV this is creating a wasted life for myself. I might as well sit back down in front of the boob tube and devour another bag of potato chips and fill my brain with even more useless mind controlling information.

Furthermore, what's also interesting, are the T.V. bashing emails included on this page with the picture. One email describes how this person's father is lost...