An analysis of the story "The price of Eggs in China" by Don Lee.

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It is not until you carefully analyze the story "The Price of Eggs in China", that you are able to see that the author creates a very interesting connection. One of the definitions of a metaphor is a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity. In the story the author creates a connection which relates to Dean by comparing the old, lavish wood he used before, to that of the simpler, less expensive wood he utilized after the fire. A metaphor is created between Dean's change in the type of wood he used and the internal character transformation towards Caroline.

The author uses a number of very descriptive passages throughout the beginning of the story, in order to give the reader underlying details about the story. The use of the pristine, expensive and rare wood in the making of the chairs can be related to Dean's personality.

By making this connection one can say that Dean was a character who was untainted and in control of his attitude. He was a person who understood the value of his art work and with no doubt, priced them at a deserving amount. The fact that the wood was so rare can be related to the fact that Dean has an amazing and unique talent. It is this talent that propels Dean to reach the level of success that he now resides at. In this stage of his life, Dean can be put in a level that is extremely above that of Caroline. He is a successful, rich and famous artist, while on the other hand, Caroline is a failed, poor and barely known artist. As a result of Caroline discovering Dean's success, there is...