Analyse Of American Beauty.

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Analyse Of American Beauty

I have chosen to do this piece of film because I feel the director (Sam Mendes) takes a typical worn out story of a forty something year old man waking up and realising that life has not turned out the way he planned and follows him as he sets around trying to change it.

I think this film has heart and it makes you care about the man played by Kevin spacey.

American Beauty opens with a girl being filmed as she begins to talk about her misguided father. The shot is very grainy and the sound isn up to a great deal, I would think that the camcorder had had a grey fitter on it to add to the gloomy feel of the shot .The lighting is also very dim and grainy, it has an overall feeling of that of teenage angst. It is lit in a way to make the girl look very pale.

Just as the camera starts to focus on her she begins to complain about being filmed. She suddenly leaps forward and turns the camera onto the person who was filming her. It is a young man in comparison to her, looking healthy, naked from the waist upward, he calmly says no. This sort of thing happens through-out the film, you will be focused on the one person and then the camera will be switched and you are able to see it from another persons point of view and we begin to follow them instead. As the boy regains control of the camera the girl continues to talk more on her father want a dad I can rely on not one who gonna blow chunks every time I have a girlfriend overomeone should put him out of his misery?we...