The Amish. This a group Reort. The findings and information was a colaborative effort.

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The Amish

The Amish

The Amish people derive their name from an original leader, Jacob Ammann. They are a branch of the Mennonite church and are descendents of the Swiss Anabaptists who settled in Pennsylvania during the 1700s. Groups settled in Indiana and Ohio in the 1800s. Their conservative lifestyles shun modern technologies, higher education, adornments such as makeup/jewelry, and modern dress. Farming and agriculture are the primary occupations. The largest Amish populations are found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. New communities are established almost annually and can be found in many other areas of the Unites States, Canada, and Latin America.

Some of the most important beliefs held by the Amish are separation from the outside world, vow of obedience, and closeness to nature. There are other regulations over societal customs such as dress. Men and boys wear buttoned shirts and buttoned trousers. Their dress may also include a wide-brimmed hat, vest, suspenders, sack coats for work, and a long split-tail frock coats for Sunday and dress.

Hair is usually cut into bangs, has no part, and is even with the earlobe. Men usually shave until they become the head of the household, at which time they wear a beard, but no mustache.

In general, women and girls usually wear solid-colored dresses in either a natural or a synthetic fabric without buttons or ornamentation. Adult women usually wear black to communion services, funerals, and during mourning. Also included in an Amish woman's wardrobe are black stockings, tie shoes, bonnet, cape, and apron. A woman's hair is parted in the middle and covered with a white cap. Long hair for women is a sign of glory only to be viewed by their husband.

Dress symbolizes the cornerstone of Amish doctrine. Clothing identifies the group, sets it apart, binds it...