Alternatives to "God" by Andrew Wilkinson.

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Alternatives to "God"

For the entirety of our existence the human race has been searching for meaning. Throughout the years many theories have come to fruition about our creator, or creators, the majority involving a spiritual entity as the originator of all. Others involve more than one "god", each adding a certain aspect to the world. For instance Poseidon was believed to be the God of the Sea and Zeus God of the Sky. But a more modern and scientific approach to "god" is the idea that we are merely descended from other animals. The theory of evolution.

Could aliens be our supposed gods; did we merely mistake them for spiritual beings? They could be the origin of our main religion and the reason we exist on this earth today. This is not a new idea, but it is yet to proven. In my eyes this idea deserves to be a recognized possibility.

At this time it seems that this insinuation is thought to be asinine, something the homeless person on the corner rants about. Like religion, this belief is not based on fact. It cannot be proven at this time. So religion it's superior? It is the blind faith it requires that truly illustrates the similarity between this following and major religions. No religion is truly based on cold hard fact. Nothing has been proven, and therefore nobody's theory truly has the upper hand.

When looking objectively at religion when compared to other ideas there is an obvious contrast. Where most religion relies on myths beings and spirits, many other theories represent a more scientific and realistic approach. It truly comes down to realism vs. idealism. Maybe there is no answer. Maybe we evolved from single cell organisms. But how glamorous is that? The human race suffers...