Acid rain, creative speech on the topic, "Why I should be elected", related to the acid rain problems in area. Could easily be changed to essay.

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The acid rain many areas is becoming a major hazard.

Gasses released from factories combine with the moisture and eventually fall back to earth, sometimes 1000 times more acidic than natural rain.

This is causing significant problems within local lakes, rivers and streams. Although acid rain is not concentrated enough to burn through human skin, it kills many trees and other wildlife.

Thousands of lakes throughout Canada, Europe and the United States are now useless because the water is too acidic for any wildlife or drinking.

Europe is one of the worst affected, the Black Forrest in Germany, has lost almost one third of it trees because of this problem.

Many landmarks such as the Parthenon have been eroded form acid rain.

Acid rain can be caused in many areas has been caused by burning of coals, gasoline and oils. This needs to be stopped, before many more lakes, rivers, and streams become useless.

There is no reverse to acid rain, adding lime to infected water has harmful side effects.