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Who is able to choose whether a person lives or dies? Should a human being who is full of fault be able to condemn an innocent baby to death? Abortion may be a very controversial subject, but the amount of information that supports the banning of abortion continues to grow. From the stealing of innocent life to the traumatizing effect that it has on most mothers, the available information shows that abortion is wrong. Pro-choice supporters use terrible excuses and illogical reasoning to support their opinions that abortion should be allowed. These excuses only show that people don't want to take responsibility for the consequences that come with their actions.

A lot of people who are pro-choice feel that women should have the right to choose whether they want an abortion or not. What those people don't realize is that with every choice come consequences. The people that were involved in the school shootings across the nation also had a choice to make, but now they have to accept the consequences of that terrible choice.

Not only will they have to endure the penalties issued to them by the legal system, but they will also have to withstand the haunting memories of those that they killed. One of the consequences of abortion that many patients have experienced is a traumatic reaction of depression. Nearly one in five women report sadness and dissatisfaction after the abortion. A lot of them also feel deep regret after a couple of years. In the article "Study Explores Abortion Mental Aftermath," researchers approached 1,177 randomly chosen women. A total of 442 of these women had a first trimester abortion and completed psychological assessments at one hour, one month, and two years after the abortion. Half of the women had not had any prior abortions, and...