The 19th centuary has had a huge impact on our lives today without the inventions, ideas and philosophies that were developed then we wouldnt have what we have today.

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Movers and Shakers of the 19th Century

With each period of history, come great people. This is to say the same for the 19th century, for with this time came inventions, philosophies, literary works and much more that have helped developed the world as we know it today. Women were not treated as equals, religious views were different and the question if there was a god came to people's minds. Also, if it weren't for this period in history, science and medicine wouldn't have advanced as much as it has today. Our views on out existence, diseases, and evolution were all significantly changed because of the discoveries and philosophies of this time.

Look around you now, unlike in the 19th century women now occupy the same jobs as men do, it is not uncommon now to see a women doing the same job as a man and for it not to be uncommon.

Back in the 19th century, it was uncommon for women to hold a job or title that held as much power as a man did, and it was forbidden for women to vote in a political election. Most women either held a job as a tradeswomen (dress maker, laundress, lodging house keeper hotel proprietors, hat making), a schoolmistress or if a woman had a good education she could become a governess. It was as if there was almost unwritten rules as to how a woman should act, say what jobs they should hold etc. The values and beliefs that were common then are now much different than our own personal values and beliefs.

"Male intelligence was greater than female, men had greater independence and courage than women, and men were able to expend energy in sustained bursts of physical or cerebral activity...woman on the other hand...were superior...